Firstly, Let’s Explain Company Culture

Everyone talks about it… But what is it? 

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Put simply, company culture is the attitude and energy of an entire team working in the same business. In best cases, you’ll find a culture where employees are enthusiastic and management has confidence in the entire team. This is, however, the better end of the scale. 

Looking at the unhealthy end, you’re likely to find poor management and lazy employees. Fail to nurture this type of culture and you might end up with greater issues beyond the obvious unhappiness. These problems may include theft, fraud, and damage to business reputation. 

So for those asking - yes, company culture is important. Invest in it wisely and you’ll see a return in better business performance and longer-lasting employees. 

How Background Checks Help

Ever wondered what foundation makes a healthy workspace? It’s trust. Between employees, management, and every worker in-between. Ignore this value and you’ll be pushing for your team to find the ambition to succeed. 

Which leads us to the process of establishing trust. It’s not done easily. But one of the simplest steps you can take to building it is running background checks before you hire people. The reasoning: if you can trust in your employee’s history, skills, and passion, so will your team.

Jumping straight to it, here are three ways background checks will improve your company culture.

  1. Hire People With Skill and Passion

By verifying the history of potential employees you can discover if they have the necessary skills for the role. These key considerations might be reflected in their education grades, years of industry work, past employer references, or in any relevant qualifications. 

From this research you will also get an idea of just how passionate they are towards the industry or particular position. This information can be particularly helpful when deciding between a handful of applicants.

  1. Reduce Theft & Fraud

Checking a person’s criminal history is a requirement across many industries where lawful behaviour is essential. These fields generally include the likes of finance, medicine, and law. But that doesn’t stop other businesses from utilising the benefits of pre-employment screening...

Whether your company is small, a medium enterprise, or a large organisation - knowing that your employees have no criminal history of theft or fraud will provide the trust you need to run your business successfully. What’s more, this comfort stretches further than between employer and employee; it will enable colleagues to trust each other too.

  1. Help Employees Shine

Without running a background check on potential and current employees, you mightn’t know just how far their capabilities can go. Think about that for a moment. If they forgot to mention specific skills during their initial interview, your company might be missing out on great advantages. 

This information is picked up in pre-employment screening when checks are run to verify qualifications and receive references. It’s a simple process for the large advantage of discovering employee skills that could be utilised by placing them in the right roles.

Need a Background Check in NZ?

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