Office Manager

Humorous, Analytical and Observant

Before joining Staff Checks, Berny had spent years working in health & safety and the training sector of a large corporate company. During her time in these roles she developed exceptional skills in performance management, coaching, and big-picture thinking. When working with Berny, these qualities certainly shine and contribute to her outgoing personality.

When the opportunity arose for her to come on board with our team, she took the chance to expand her experience and soon became an integral part of the company. For the years that went on, Berny dedicated herself to ensure excellent management of Staff Checks operations. But upon reaching the 8 year mark, she chose to take a break - to shake things up.

In her time apart from Staff Checks, she took her outstanding work ethic and charisma into other roles. This experience allowed her to further explore new areas of the workforce, which she continued doing before later returning to Staff Checks. Taking back the role she owns so well, Berny has since remained part of the family.

Truly eager to continue learning, what she finds most exciting about her job as Office Manager is the interaction with a diversity of industries. “No day is ever the same.” And when she’s not working hard to provide the best customer service? You’ll find her exercising, reading, or enjoying food down by the beach with her friends.

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